Shootout & Workshop

For Photographers

A model contest + Shootout + Workshop

The Rundown

When planning the Next: Senior Model Summit, our goal was to create something that was a mix between an experience for your clients while incorporating education and event of the year for photographers like you.

At Next, we will kick off the event with a shootout featuring the 10 winning models from throughout the country for you to photograph. They will be fully styled with the lead photographers showing you how they pose, light and interact with the models during a hands-on learning experience. 

The second day we will head into the classroom for a full schedule of teaching you the topics that you want to learn and add to your business. This will be an all day intensive for all things senior photography like model teams, styling, marketing & branding, senior destinations and more.

This is going to be the event of the year and something you don't want to miss!

November 2nd - Day ONe

The Workshop

Hosted by Tara Rochelle, Sean Brown & Caroline of CG3 Photography, the workshop portion will take place the day after the shootout portion. We wanted to make this a full, comprehensive learning experience and give you and your business the tools to succeed.

Here you'll be able to learn in a classroom setting and learn what we've done in our businesses to create a sought after experience for our clients and be the go-to photographers in our area.

This will be an all-day intensive going from 9am-7:30pm covering topics like senior destinations, senior rep programs, editorial styling, marketing & branding, senior films. We will wrap up with an informal Q&A after dinner on your own.

The Shootout

The Shootout

NOVember 3rd - Day 2

For the shootout, we will be limiting this to only 30 photographers so that shooting groups will be 3:1 ratio of photographers to models. This will make sure that you are able to work with the models individually and get shots that you can't wait to throw into your portfolio! This will take place in an amazing Los Angeles location and will make you have major FOMO if you're not there.

The shootout will run from 1PM - 5PM ensuring that you have more than enough time to capture images that you'll love. As with any shootout hosted by us, we will be hands on to answer questions, show you how we pose, shoot and style and be available for questions.


The Intensive

NOVember 4th - Day 3

The Intensive is unlike anything you've seen before in the senior industry...

We went outside the industry to get world renowned creatives like retoucher Pratik Naik and fashion & beauty photographer Tina Eisen to give you tools to up your game!!

A lot of the senior industry is the same, but by learning from these two, you're going to be able to apply outside the industry techniques to your images to set yourself far apart from what every other senior photographer is already doing!!!

The Workshop

The Schedule

Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor because we are jam packing NEXT with some major punch!! 

day by day

check out the work

You'll work closely with 3 of the senior photography industries leaders : Tara Rochelle, Sean Brown, and Caroline from CG3 Photography for the Workshop!

Here we will cover everything you need to know to not only run your business but to have your business thrive! 

Each instructor will go over tips and tricks on how they sustain a successful senior business year after year and how they are able to stay ahead of the pack!

Check out the TOPICS section for details on the segments. 

The Workshop


Have your batteries fully charged and get ready to photograph the TWELVE winning models from the first ever NEXT : Senior Model Search! The girls from across the country were chosen by YOU (and their peers) to model at the event. They'll be completely ready to rock it in full wardrobe styling as well as professional hair and makeup. Not to mention, the location for the shoots will knock your socks off!

The Shootout!



Meet the Models

We are THRILLED to be bringing you not one but TWO of the biggest names in professional photography! For the intensive day, you'll learn from Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch and beauty photographer, Tina Eisen! Both of these experts are at the top of their game and you're not going to want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to hear from them!

The Intensive



what you'll learn

Tara Rochelle

Editorial Posing 101

Infusing Fashion into your Sessions

IPS : How to "SELL" without Selling

The Ultimate Model Squad

Simple & Polished Workflow Management


The Topics

what you'll learn

The Topics

Sean Brown

Editorial Films

How to Market to todays Seniors & Teens

Finding your Brand

Destination Model Teams

How to make FB work for YOU!


what you'll learn

The Topics

Caroline of CG3

Trendsetting Teen Programs

Building an Empire with Model Teams

How to Travel & Get Paid!

Finding a Stylist

Henri : The Ultimate Mascot


what you'll learn

The Topics

Tina Eisen

Finding Ideas/ Planning/ Team building

3 Beauty Lighting Setups

Beauty Photography Do's and Don't's

Posing Pointers

How to Promote Your Work/ Social Media


what you'll learn

The Topics

Pratik Naik of Solstice Retouch

Processing a Beauty Image Before Retouching

Setting Up a Proper Plan on What to Look out for When Retouching a Beauty Image

Establishing and Going Over a Beauty Workflow for Retouching

Utilising the Correct Tools to Expedite High- End Results without Wasting Time

Expanding Further and Answering Individualised Questions on Your Own Work


Location, dates and more

When & Where

Pack your bags... We're hosting Next: Senior Model Summit in the City of Angels - Los Angeles! We chose LA because of some amazing locations that you truly can't get anywhere else. Plus, who doesn't want to bring their models to the land of Hollywood?! 

The Workshop portion will be taking place on Saturday November 2nd, 2019 and the Shootout portion of Next will be taking place on Sunday November 3rd, 2019.

We are also opening up an all-day Intensive on Monday November 4th with world renowned retoucher Pratik Naik and fashion & beauty photography Tina Eisen! Here they will teach you about OUTSIDE the senior industry techniques to bring a new edge to your photography skillset!

For travel, we recommend flying into Bob Hope Airport (BUR) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Next will be taking place in Santa Clarita, CA, which is about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. Bob Hope Airport will be closer to where you will be shooting & learning so this is our recommended airport. You we will want to rent a car and will set up a Facebook group for attendees to coordinate hotel and rental car accommodations. We will also have a list of recommended places to stay and eat.


Registration is NOW OPEN!


Registration for these seats is $1495. This includes access to the Shootout and Workshop portion (Nov 2nd & 3rd) of the NEXT Senior Model Summit.


Registration for these seats is $595. These only include access to the Shootout portion (Nov 3rd).


These seats are $2195 and include access to the Workshop, Shootout AND an all-day Intensive with outside the senior industry leaders like world renowned retoucher Pratik Naik and beauty & fashion photographer Tina Eisen! These take place November 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

*Please note that Shootout Only seats are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that Shootout Only seats will be available if we hit capacity from the All-Access and Workshop + Shootout seats.

REgister now!


Can I come even if the model I submitted does not win?

Yes! Next is open to any photographer who wants to attend given they do not operate a business within the mileage restriction requirement! Seats will go quickly, so if you want to come, we recommend grabbing a seat before the model search results are released!


How many attendees will there be at the Next: Senior Model Summit?

We are capping Next: Senior Model Summit at 30 attendees total. There will be 10 models guaranteeing a 3:1 ratio of photographers to models. This allows one person to hold the reflector, one person to make sure hair and wardrobe is perfect and one person shooting at a time. This means no large groups and time for everyone to work with the models!


Do you offer payment plans for Next?

We offer payment plans for the Workshop + Shootout combo seats. Half is due at the time of registration and the remaining half is due 45 days prior to Next.


How can I use the images I take at Next?

You may use your images taken at Next for promoting your business, marketing, portfolio or sample products. You may not submit images taken at Next for image competitions, blog submissions or publication.


Do I need a rental car?

We recommend getting a rental car for Next! We will be adding attendees to a Facebook group where you will be able to coordinate ride sharing and splitting a rental car with another attendee. You can get around using Uber/Lyft, however we believe a rental car is more convenient.


Are travel, lodging and meal costs included?

The investment fee for Next does not cover travel, lodging or meal costs.


What are you covering during the workshop portion?

The topics we are covering will include senior model teams, how to do your own senior destination shoots, client management and workflow, editing, fashion inspired posing and styling, marketing & branding, senior year films and more. In other words, come prepared to learn!


Are there any mileage restrictions?

Yes. You may not attend if your zip code is within 100 miles from 91355 or 50 miles from 60540 or 98685.



Got questions or something that we can help you with? Click the button below and we'll get back to you!