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The race was close, but here are your 2019 SMS models!

The Winning Models

We truly wish everyone could win! The race was extremely close and for this year, we decided to add two additional winners for a total of 12 amazing NEXT : Models for you all to work with!!

Congratulations to everyone who entered and congratulations to the 12 winning models for this year's NEXT : Senior Model Summit!

Isabella - CG3 Photography

Preslie - My Little Umbrella Photography

Ashley - CG3 Photography

Callie - Tori artis photography

Quinn - Tara Rochelle Photography

Victoria - CG3 Photography

Lydia - Michelle cuppy photography

Kylie - CG3 Photography

Claire - Alicia crosson photography

Allison - CG3 Photography

Caitlyn - Melissa Neck Photography

Gabby - CG3 Photography

It's unlike anything you've seen before.

The Details

Have you ever wanted to come model in fashion inspired photo shoots and be fully styled by photographers who are known for their incredible styling? This is for you.

Next: Senior Model Summit is open to ANYONE in the Class of 2019-2022. You don't have to have any previous modeling experience. How are the winners chosen? Just like true reality TV, America will decide the finalists and winners! The top TEN teens/seniors with the most votes will be the announced the winners along with two alternates.

The rundown? 10 winners, an all-expense paid trip to LA, complete with professional hairstyling, makeup, and wardrobe styling for a true once in a lifetime model experience.

The Perks & what the winning models receive

What's in it for You?

This is the stuff you want to know... What's in it for the winning models?

Each of the top 10 winning models will receive a trip to L.A. to model in the first ever Next: Senior Model Summit! This includes airfare, hotel, professional hair and makeup, VIP grab bags and professional styling for the shootout*. Not only that but you'll also model for photographers from throughout the nation while creating images that look like they belong on a magazine.

This prize pack is valued at over $2500 and is truly the chance of a lifetime that you don't want to miss out on.

*Airfare will be covered up to $350 and hotel accommodations will be booked by the hosts of Next: Senior Model Summit.

This is when the Model Search happens! All model entries for Next: Senior Model Summit are due during this time. Please note- that there are no extensions for this deadline! The link to the submission portal is included in the information above!

The submissions are in... now it's time to vote!! Voting will be open to everyone and information about voting will be posted to this website. The top 10 individuals receiving votes will be the winning models and heading to Los Angeles for a once in a lifetime model experience, so make sure to spread the word with friends and family!

We will be announcing the winning models on May 15th! We cannot wait to see who will be joining us for Next: Senior Model Summit!

March 1st - April  15th

april 22nd - may 8th

May 15th

Model Search Submissions

Voting Stage

Winning Models Announced

The Timeline


Are there any height & weight requirements for applying to the Model Search?

Absolutely not! All girls and guys who have always dreamed of having a model-like experience are welcome to apply for the Model Search.


Is the winning photography studio required to come?

While it is highly recommended that the photography studio whose client wins the Model Search comes, it is not required. We would hope that you would want to partake in this once in a lifetime experience with your client and be a part of Next!


If I win the Model Search, are my parents required to come?

Yes. If you are a winning model, you will be required to have a parent/legal guardian accompany you to Next even if you are not a minor at the time of the event.


I want to apply! Can I submit images I took on a cell phone?

No. Images must be submitted by a professional portrait studio/photographer. Each model must be represented by a professional portrait studio/photograph. 


How do I apply to the Model Search?

Applications for the Model Search go live March 1st! Please check back here where the submission link will be available then!


What are the requirements for the image submission?

Each photographer must submit the following image types for each client submitted: a smiling headshot,  serious headshot, full body shot, and photographer’s choice. Images should be sized to 8x12" at 300dpi. They should be properly exposed with correct white balance.


Do the winning photography studios get any perks?

Absolutely! The winning photography studios will have a spot held to the Shootout + Workshop portion of the event available at early bird pricing. You will also have an extra 45 minutes with your winning model prior to the start of the shoot out; you may bring your own styling if you would like to photograph a specific vision or concept.


If I am a winning model, am I required to come?

Yes. By submitting yourself for the Model Search, you are guaranteeing that you can participate as a model on Sunday November 3rd. 


If I am a winning model, what all is covered?

As a winning model, you will get model treatment! Each model will have their flight, hotel accommodations, professional hair & makeup and styling all covered*! You will also get a gift bag just like everyone who attends the Oscars!

*Flight costs will be covered up to $350USD. Hotel accommodations will be made by the hosts of the Next: Senior Model Summit.


Is there a limit to how many clients I can nominate?

No! You may enter as many of your clients as you'd like. Please check out our section for how to make this work for your business above!


For Photographers

Looking for some ideas about how to incorporate this into your business? Here are some of our ideas!

While it is the photographer that submits the model application and pays the submission fee, you are able to collect this from your clients. Ideas are offering this as a perk to your senior clients who referred the most clients, splitting the cost with your clients, building this into your pricing so that every senior that books a specific package with you is entered into the Model Search or even having your client pay for the full price.

This would also be a great way to build a teen team. Since anyone in the Class of 2019-2022 is eligible, doing something like a mini-session and building the model submission fee into it would be a fantastic idea. This is a tremendous way to market an out-of-the-box experience for your clients. 

If you have a winning model, you will get an additional time slot to photograph them in wardrobe styled by the hosts of Next or styling of your choosing! This will be your time to photograph your model before anyone else at NEXT.

The opportunity for your clients to have the chance of a lifetime is worth it! Many of your clients are dreaming about something like this, so why not use this as a chance to stand out in your market and be the talk of the town. Plus, who doesn't want to come to Los Angeles to photograph their winning model and the other nine beautiful winners?

Looking for a Photographer?

Want to model for Next but don't have a photographer? Check out this list of photographers and look for your area!

The List


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